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February 21, 2020, 09:36:12 PM

Author Topic: Casinos with hot slots 918 kiss online live  (Read 508 times)


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Casinos with hot slots 918 kiss online live
« on: January 02, 2020, 12:19:03 PM »
Newcomers must know the bounce rules
Although Bok changed his career after gambling with Malaysia for a long time. Available for almost every job, some of you in online casino-scale games are also starting to play bouncing. But strangely, why is this type of basic gambling more expensive than humans? That's because most people don't pay attention to rules as required. Today, we will unfold the rules to get to know each other thoroughly. When playing real games, you will have a greater chance of winning dealerslive22 free download.

Because Bounce is an easy-to-use, fast-complete game, even if it is called by luck rather than luck, but if we don't pay attention to the rules, then criminals may unknowingly deceive it, in short. , The dealer will hit smoothly by the speed of the game, the score or the wrong odds. If we are not playing here, then don't blame it. It's best not to blame yourself since the game started.

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How to bounce
The game play is not complicated. The playback steps are as follows

Players or hands can bet easily. But it does not exceed the maximum limit set by the dealer but if the dealer has no limit, it can be organized
Resellers will start giving away 2 cards to everyone in the circle, including resellers.
In transactions, cards are distributed in one way or another. The last person to receive the card was the dealer.
Everyone who strikes after reading the card must present the card immediately. For those who do not play, calculate the points based on the total number of cards and continue playing.
If the dealer is hit, it is considered to be completed immediately. From then on, the dealer will measure points with the player.
If the dealer does not swamp before the score is settled, everyone has the right to call a third card.
When measuring points, players can only measure points  with the dealer. Players cannot measure each other
After scoring, the dealer must pay the winner. Losers must pay normal and special rates to the dealer
When does Bock rebound?
Playing must be measured or scored according to 2 stages, each stage has a different way of thinking, as shown below.

During playing 2 cards
After everyone receives all 2 cards, all players will add the card points based on the unit number. For example, a total of 17 points will be considered as 7 points.1, 0 = Blind, but the amount of bounce will not affect the number of points. But it will affect the payment amount. As for the banker, the role of the banker is as follows.

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Just in case clockwork
If the hand is low or low, it will be considered a loss and the money will be paid to the dealer.
If both hands are tied with the dealer, it is usually assumed that no one will gain or lose.
If the dealer wins a higher pot than the dealer, it is considered a jackpot and money is received from the dealer.
In case the dealer has no swamp
Each dealer and dealer has the right to call a third available or unusable card.
If the dealer does not call, the card will start to be displayed and the points will be measured immediately
Before the dealer asks for a third card, the dealer can call, touch or open the card, which can hold 2 or 3 cards, and then the dealer will bring up the last card to play with players who have not yet played play.
The measure of winning or losing will be the same as that of the dealer.
Validity of 3 cards
After playing two cards, the dealer will enter the game of the third card without poking. In this round, the player will be left with only the dealer and the player who has not hit. Everyone has the right to call the third card. Whether the card can be called or not, if someone calls the card, please know the person pointing to the card is ok

For cards, the order of the cards is descending: Tong, flush, classification,1, and 0 = blind.9, 8 is considered the largest card.

How to view the order of playing card scores
This time we will look at the sequence of Pokémon cards. Although it doesn't seem complicated, it is equally important. Because we must know how big a card we have now, this will affect our decision whether to draw a third card.

The calculation of the bounce point is done by adding the points of each card together and then using only the numbers to measure the cards. For example, there are 5 cards and 7 cards totaling 12, representing 2 points. The card has the following points.

 A has 1 point. If it is a straight card, it is regarded as the highest card and cannot be reversed.

The number of points on the card is equal to the number on the card 2-9

0 points are cards with no score, including 10, J, Q, and K

As for the size of the card, we will arrange it like this

Blog 9 is the largest card. And must be the first 2 cards that only get 9 points

The eighth card is the second card. And must be the first 2 cards of 8

Tong is the largest of the three cards and consists of 3 cards of the same number.

A flush is a set of three cards of the same rank, and only the same suit can be used.

The order is 3 cards of the same rank, except for A, 2, 3, and K, A, 2, there is no need for the same suit. In this case, a count of 2 or more is because A is the largest card.

Master card is also called 3 foreigners, which are K, Q, and J cards. There can be two face cards in Master card. And, if all three cards are repeated, they will immediately become trump cards.

The last 9 points were 3 cards, for a total of 9 points.

The last 8 points are 3 cards, for a total of 8 points.

7-1 points, consisting of 2 or 3 cards, totaling 7-1 points.

A blind bet is a card with a total score of 0

In addition to the normal points, blog bouncing has additional points, which will also affect the wage rate. If anyone has heard the word "rebound", it's a set of cards with special points. The main points are as followshttps://918kiss2020.com/games/live22/.