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Bikers Lounge / RE Thunderbird - Rear end wobbling at 60kmph
« on: October 30, 2012, 06:45:44 AM »
Let me share with you guys that I did have a taste of motorcycle touring on RE Thunderbird 2002 model. There was a friend's marriage at Ambur(on Chennai-Bangalore National Highway). Ambur is 200km away from Chennai. So did a total of 400+ km in the weekend. I have not taken any photographs since being my first trip, i concentrated more on reaching safe without any breakdowns on highway.

Nevertheless, Onward journey, I had a flat rear tyre and had to halt for almost two hours near Vellore.(150 km from Chennai). Otherwise cruised at 80kmph. Had it fixed by a mechanic who is not very well conversant with bullets.

Then on the way back to Chennai, had a wobbly feel on the rear end. The rear tyres was having some imbalance and the bike behaved as though the front tyres and rear are separate units. In that I travelled with pillion, my girlfriend and she too felt the movement. To be more precise, the wobble is not up and down jerk, it is like when i tilt the bike the front end tilts and then back end does not fall by that same angle. The frame did not give a rigid feeling and my confidence in cornering got affected. I suspected some kind of play in the swing arm, but do not know how to check it by myself. I had to reduce the speed to 60kmph but still had a wobbly feel. I also reduced the tyre pressure from 38 to 30psi on the rear(front remaining a constant 22psi) but no effect. Carefully rode and reached Chennai safely. Can you give some pointers what needs to be checked? I am really scared to take the bike for another touring... Please help...


The Showoff / My Yamaha rx 135 - Ferrari red color
« on: October 15, 2012, 09:58:42 AM »
My Yamaha rx 135 - Ferrari red color  8)

Proud of my possessions... :) ;)

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