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TVS Ronin – A new cruiser or adventure motorcycle in working ?

TVS Motor Company has been working on number of new motorcycles for year 2021 and recently company has trademarked a new product name, ‘Ronin’. So chances are that their upcoming bike will be called Ronin. ‘Ronin’ is a Japanese word that describes a ‘wandering Samurai who has no master’. Continue reading

New Harley Davidson HD338 smaller capacity bike to be launched soon

World’s renowned bike manufacturer Harley Davidson is all set to target a lower cubic capacity segment in the market. The new Harley Davidson, which is internally known as HD338, will be manufactured in partnership with China’s Qianjiang who now owns brand Banelli. As per one of the recent product launch timeline slide from Banelli , HD388 is set to be launched in June-July 2020. HD338 will be based on the banelli 302 platform. This bike will be known by a different commercial name worldwide and will be one of the most significant entry level bike form Harley Davidson. Continue reading